Retail and 3rd party audit preparation
 This type of assignments are fairly focused and usually require multi disciplinary cooperation.
 Proposed course of actions for this type of assignments is:
  • Establish time scope available to the business until commencement of the audit
  • Detailed evidence based gap analysis / internal audit against the required standard
  • Based on the findings of the gap analysis construction of the Compliance Plan:
       - Prioritization of the issues (major => minor => recommendations) 
       - Assemble multidisciplinary compliance team who will work together to prepare for the audit
       - Securing commitment of the key stake holders to address issues identified and agree deadlines
       - Construct Gantt Chart to measure progress
  • Facilitate meetings of the compliance team to review progress and trouble shoot any issues
  • Prior to the actual audit carry a mock audit to review if all previously identified gaps are addressed
  • Close all non conformances identified during the mock audit
  • Assist the business during the actual audit
  • Assist the business in designing action plan post audit and systems of ongoing compliance