Group Technical Functions
& Site Technical Management
 Throughout my career I have been exposed to a lot of good and bad industry practices.
 This experience gives me a unique perspective to allow me to hit the ground running and take the
 ownership of  the function to deliver noticeable improvements in short time.
 Usual course of action in  this type of  contracts is:
  •  Understand business technical objectives relevant to the role an to the period of the contract
  • Assess organization against below criteria:
        - customers relationship (Does it need fixing? What are the pressures business is subjected to?)
        - technical team morale and capabilities (Is team stable and have a necessary resources to deliver?)
        - factory process controls and legality (Are there any food safety or legal concerns?)
        - existing internal and external key performance indicators. 
  • Based on the outcome of the assessment agree with key stake holders Quality Improvement Plan constructed in a way to prioritize and address any identified issues. 
  • Once technical performance is under control commence work on future proofing and implement continuous improvement.